You are eager for innovation about the Food & Beverage industry?

We are always looking for talented new members to join our teams.


The Sales Team manages the development of new business opportunities, the strenghtening of on-going projects and the direct relationships with its clients.
We offer: a stable exposure to the Italian Food Industry, a quick professional growth in terms of hard and soft skills as well as clients' portfolio.


The Research and Development team is dedicated to the growth of new businesses and projects: from data analysis to new digital projects, it's characterized by a never-ending search for innovative solutions.
We offer: a truly fast-pacing growing environment, keen on new trends and ready to be constantly updated also thanks to the collaboration of the other business units.


The International Team is focused on the development and promotion of B2B projects concearning the authentic Italian food abroad. It follows every step of the project, from the analysis to the budget definition.
We offer: the chance to build a relationship with international retailers and the development of practical skills related to the export of Italian food.


The Editorial Team creates printed and digital content for the Gruppo Food magazines, according to each individual specialties, and ensures the synergy between offline and online.
We offer: a direct contact with the industry top players and the chance to use tools dedicated to the analysis of the themes issued.


The Events Team takes care of every aspect of our scheduled events: from developing the strategy to ensuring the relationship with its suppliers, it's made of passionate creatives, PRs and reliable project managers.
We offer: a young, dynamic environment, the possibility to plan and organize exclusive events for the industry top players.


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